Oleksandr Tatishchev

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Tatishchev is a main founding shareholder of Yulia Agro Export. He supervises the strategy of business development of Yulia Agro Export.

Mr. Tatishchev graduated from Leningrad Military Medical Academy in 1981. He has the long term experience in creating and managing of successful business projects in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. Before the creation of Yulia Agro Export, he was the founder and owner of the Cheese Club Corporation, Kremenchug milk processing plant and other agro-industrial enterprises in Ukraine.






Alex Radishchev

Executive Director, CEO

Mr. Radishchev carries out the current management of the company, leads and oversees the implementation of short-term and long-term plans of the company in accordance with its strategy. He also is responsible for the development and effective implementation of the company’s long-term strategy.

Mr. Radishchev has diploma in the specialty “Economics of the Enterprises” of the National Agricultural University of Ukraine (Kyiv). He also earned PhD degree in Agriculture at Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany).

He speaks Ukrainian, Russian, German and English.





Dmytro Khomyakov

Executive Director, CFO

Mr. Khomyakov has overall control and responsibility for all financial aspects of company strategy. He coordinates corporate finance by managing the company’s policies regarding capital requirements, debt, and taxation. He is responsible for the Budgeting, Financial Management & Control, Accounting and Auditing.

Mr. Khomyakov graduated from the Kyiv National Economic University (Ukraine) and earned the Masters’ degree in banking and management.

He speaks Ukrainian, Russian and English.





Vladislav Dostoevsky

Production Director

Mr. Dostoevsky joined the Company in 2014 and is responsible for the production process in the Company. He has over 25 years of managerial experience in agriculture. Mr. Dostoevsky graduated from Bilotserkivsky National Agrarian University in 1996 and holds MA degree in agronomy.

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